Anyer beach is a beach with very clear views of exotic coral reefs. Sea waves are also relatively large and is home to many fish, so that appropriate arena once used for surfing and fishing areas. In addition, the spectator flock of sea birds along the coast are occasionally grabbed the fish, getting confirmed just how special this area. And not less interesting, namely charm sunrise and sunset.



Anyer Beach is located within the administrative district Anyer, Serang regency, Banten province, Indonesia.

Beach area is also equipped with optical filber network to access the internet and good communication networks and international long distance, so that visitors can establish communication and keep track of the outside world. Anyer Beach also provides a variety of unique culinary Banten that can be encountered in almost every restaurant in the area of ??Anyer beach. The wisatawam who come to the coast of Anyer and Carita not only domestic tourists but also many foreign tourists who come to Anyer beach just to enjoy the view of Mount Krakatoa which can be viewed clearly from the coast of Anyer and even some who come just to enjoy water sports any area of ??Anyer beach.





Water sports on the coast of Anyer wide variety of which there are banana boat, zet sky, snokeling, diving and even provide



~ oleh adlanpribadi pada Mei 17, 2012.

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